About bank


About bank

CJSC “Bonki Rushdi Tojikiston” has been founded in 2006. The Bank operates based on the National Bank of Tajikistan license (31 as of 7 November, 2006). The Bank received its permission to hold banking transactions based on the National Bank Board of Directors’ Resolution of September 19, 2006.

Today Bonki Rushdi Tojikiston is one of the most robust and dynamic financial institutions. Steady growth of its business reputation, its financial performance, and increase of its client base are confirmation of this. The Bank is developing quite sweepingly, which can be proved by the fact that in a short period of its work four securities were issued. In the meantime the authorised capital is TJS 64 180 000, which is four times larger than the original amount.

2012 became the beginning of a new development stage forBonki Rushdi Tojikiston. At the end of 2011, two Tajik banks merged –Bonki Rushdi Tojikistonjoined Tojik Sodirot Bonk one of the largest and fastest growing banks of Tajikistan.

Tojik Sodirot Bonkbecame the owner of 100 per cent ofBonki Rushdi Tojikistonstocks.

The merger gives a strong development impetus forBonki Rushdi Tojikiston. Now the Bank is a daughter company of Tojik Sodirot Bonk.

This is how the new page inBonki Rushdi Tojikistonstarted, which positioned itself as a universal bank, which provides a wide spectrum of banking services in accordance with international standards oriented on working both with private as well as corporate clients.

Key line of activity is the development of medium-size and small business, which represents various areas of industry, agriculture, trade, and services.

Combined share of attracted deposits by the Bank has a tendency to increase, which surely is a positive factor, since it creates a good prerequisite for further resource base development.

Human resources policy ofBonki Rushdi Tojikistonis turned towards the formation of a team of professionals, who are able to ensure the completion of tasks of shareholders increasing the staff qualifications and development of corporate culture.

The Bank constantly improves working conditions and allows every staff member to be able to implement their abilities to the maximum.

Bonki Rushdi Tojikistonhas a developed network of corresponding relations with twenty banks in Tajikistan and abroad. The Bank has a flexible tariff policy and has all the necessary communication systems (S.W.I.F.T., Telex, Bank-Client).

TodayBonki Rushdi Tojikistonis represented in practically all regions of Tajikistan, and has six branches and fortyfour Banking Service Centres.

High reliability and success ofBonki Rushdi Tojikistonis annually proved by international audits.

2010 - International Auditing company Ltd;

2011 - Grant Thornton LLC;

2012 - Grant Thornton LLC;

2013 -GrantThorntonLLC;

2014 -GrantThorntonLLC;

Being transparent and open for all clients the Bank has a constructive dialogue with interested persons, provides information about its activities, principles, and policies, and provides objective information necessary for risk assessment and decision about long-term cooperation.


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