Plastic cards


Plastic cards

Bank payment cards are coming into our lives more and more rapidly and replacing cash. It is not very comfortable to keep a large sum of money at home or carrying it around and it is quite unsafe

Payment cards are modern and comfortable! By getting a payment card people not only receive a wide range of extra services, appropriate level of service and comfort, but they also emphasise their high social status and position in society.

Having a payment card you can afford everything you would with cash and even more:

1. Receive money in the ATM or a bank branch and then use it for needs.

  1. Make payments with payment cards for services or purchases in stores, airlines, tourist agencies, polyclinics, insurance companies, etc. while getting various discounts of the companies.

  2. Make non-cash payment through payment card for mobile services through the ATM.

  3. Make payment for goods through the Internet stores, payment for Internet services using a payment card through ATMs.

  4. Receive statement of cash flows on your card (bank) account.

  5. Get rid of the hassle and inconveniences connected to business trips, border crossings, and bureau de exchanges.

7. Etc.

Salary on plastic cards is a more popular type of bank service. Today many companies, organisations, and universities are paying their salaries through bank cards. In this case all the bank card costs are taken up by the organisation, and the accountant’s office prepares all the paperwork, while the employees only sign the bank card receipt; and the bank card is yours.

However, if you want to receive bank card on your own, you have to visit our bank. You can easily receive a bank card in our bank:

· Come to the Bank with an internal passport copy, copy of the taxpayer identification number, and dont forget the money.

You will first speak to a consultant on receiving a bank card.

After that a bank account is opened, and you make the first deposit into it.

Fill out the application form for bank card request. You have to write a password or a code word, or just the password (sometimes it is not necessary). Password and the code word will be needed later for card activation and later when you need to address the reference and information centre.

Make payment for bank card annual service.

Bank cards are normally prepared within one business day. Therefore, when the documents are turned in, you are given an estimated day to come back to the Bank in order to receive the card.

You will receive the bank card with a PIN code, which is sealed in an envelope for confidentiality.

If the bank card has to be activated, make sure you complete it using your password and secret word after consulting a specialist.

And, basically, that is all – you can use civilisation, and do not forget to put money into your account.

PIN code is the code to access your account, and you cannot receive money from the bank card in an ATM without entering it. An unwritten rule do not keep the PIN code with the bank card. If you bank card is stolen with your pin code, you have eased access to your money for the thief.

All bank cards have a standard size, include the name and surname of the owner, photo of the owner (sometimes), specimen signature, issue date and expiry date, name of the bank and its logo. Bank cards are made from high quality plastic and are laminated on both sides. Bank cards have a coded black magnetic stripe for the owners signature and other personalisation.

Tojik Sodirot Bonk Card Tariffs (see

All commissions are paid in national currency based on the National Bank rate on payment date.

There is no annual service fee for payroll cards.

Payroll cards come in Electron USD 4, Classic USD 5, and Gold USD 8.

Security deposit for payroll cards is not necessary other than for Visa Gold cards USD 500.

Commission for raising the limit will not be charged for purchases. Limit can be removed anytime based on the clients request.

Commission for deposit from other financial institutions is 1 per cent for payroll cards.


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