Corporate clients


Cash service

Bonki Rushdi Tojikistonoffers all services on opening and servicing checking and current accounts, savings accounts, as well as other services in TJS and foreign currency. The most modern banking technologies of S.W.I.F.T. and “Client-Bank” systems are at your service.

Checking services:

· Money transfers in TJS and foreign currency;

Acceptance of payments for the Client – legal entity from an individual;

Money conversion;

Service of export and import transactions;

Documentary transactions;

Management of funds on the Client’s accounts directly from the Clients office through Client-Bank system.

Cash services:

Cash withdrawal from account;

Cash deposit to the account;

Recalculation of banknotes and metal coins;

Change of cash;

Authenticity of money examination in foreign currency (with commission);

Cash collection services.

Following transactions are held in cash transaction offices:

Buying and selling foreign currency for TJS (USD, EUR) in cash;

Admission for examination of banknotes of foreign countries, if their authenticity is doubtful;

Transaction for exchange of payments banknote;

Payment of foreign currency/TJS in cash on debit and credit cards.


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