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Salary payment plan through payroll bank cards is a specialised mechanism, which allows organisations to pay out salaries, bonuses, allowances, per diems and other deposits for staff in the easiest, fastest and most secure way. Bank accounts connected to bank card are opened for staff.
Organisation’s accountant calculates salaries and from the office sends payment request for deposits on the staff special card accounts through Client-Bank system (traditional paper documentation is also available). This is where the accountants work is finished, and the Bank starts working.
Staff can receive their salaries and other payments in any convenient time in ATMs and cash payment offices, and can make payments for goods and services through the card.
Salary is deposited to staff card accounts from corporate accounts (organisations accounts). Card accounts are held in foreign currency – USD. Deposit from the organisations account into the staff account can be done in national and any other currencies (in this case the Bank converts based on the Banks rate).
Receipt of cash in ATMs is possible in national and foreign currencies.
When travelling abroad, the card holder can receive cash in the currency of that country. Money on cards is not declared while crossing borders.

Benefits of Using Salary Plans
Payment of salary through cards is a type of non-cash
salary payment, thus basic aim of the plan is to minimise cash turn-over in the organization. It means:
Reducing accountant services labour, as well as expenditures related to receiving cash in bank and giving back the left-over cash, cash transportation, recalculation, storage and giving out of cash;
Reduction of pressure on accountant and cash box of the organisation, reduction of accountant cash operations;

Simplifying the procedure of drawing up the cash plan;
Cash discipline and compliance with cash limit. Organisation does not give out cash and there is no need to collect cash for salary;
Risks related to keeping cash minimised;
No need to deposit the uncollected cash;
Privacy of salary payment (less staff know about the amount of salary);
When staff travel abroad for business trip, it is possible to deposit per diems on to the card in national currency and its receipt in the countrys currency.

Card is an instrument of staff differential treatment and a motivational instrument. The type of card (Electron, Classic, or Gold) can underline the employees position in the hierarchy, the level of trust towards the employee, years of work in the company, etc.

Payroll Card Advantages for Employees
In implementing salary plan do not only carry material and moral losses, but receive a number of benefits:
Employee does not have to stay in line for cash on salary payment days;
Employee does not face difficulties due to return of cash, if on leave, business trip, or due to some other reason is not present on salary payment day. Salary can be received any place, any time. Bank ATMs work 7 days a week and some of them 24 hours a day. It is possible to get cash from any ATM or cash office throughout the world;
Individuals are full owners of their own accounts, they can completely dispose of their funds in card accounts and have the possibility of depositing into account (for example to use the card abroad);
Employees can receive cash in any currency (TJS or USD);
Bank cards are accepted for payment in large shopping centres of the city, and the network of card accepting locations is increasing.

Security of Bank Card Transactions
International payment systems require strict security requirements for transaction through bank cards and payment through them. Tajik Sadirat Bank, as an official member of international payment systems (associate member of VISA International, principle member of STB), fulfills all requirements for payment with cards. Security, reliability, and speed of banking transactions are typical for card transactions. Security of funds on cards is guaranteed by the Banks reputation and internationally-known payment systems.

Card Types:

Bank-i Rushd-i Tajikistan, as a daughter institution of Tajik Sadirat Bank presents salary payments through all types of bank cards:
VISA Electron, VISA Classic, VISA Gold;
STB Classic, STB Gold.

Tariffs of Tajik Sadirat Bank cards(see
All commissions are paid in national currency based on the National Bank rate on payment date.

There is no annual service fee for payroll cards. Payroll cards come in Electron USD 4, Classic USD 5, and Gold USD 8.

Security deposit for payroll cards is not necessary other than for Visa Gold cards USD 500.

Commission for raising the limit will not be charged for purchases. Limit can be removed anytime based on the clients request.

Commission for deposit from other financial institutions is 1 per cent for payroll cards.


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